More about the CrackerSports Advantage

Safeguarding our large communities is our top priority. Cracker uses strong SSL certificate encryption to ensure our communities are both private and secure. On top of the encryption, community members' accounts are securely authenticated through a two-step verification feature.

  • Strong encryption
  • Two-step verification

Community Functionality

Network Sharing
Digital Locker

Sports Performance Functionality

Capability Profile and 360 review

We offer communities two ways to experience the power of CrackerSports.

Our Cracker Community functionality includes the ability to:

  • connect with and follow network members
  • create private groups
  • access a Digital Locker
  • connect and share information and content across the network securely

CrackerSports Performance offers enhanced functionality with the additional power of our Performance Profiling application and easily searchable Library containing tagged resources to help accelerate development.

For specific pricing information, please contact our Business Development Team.

Contact our Business Development Team

Return on investment can be calculated several ways. Sport service intrepreneurs should contact us to discuss your unique challenges and explore the Strategy and Business Case.

The CrackerSports platform can:

  • provide a valuable new service to members, generating new revenues for the client
  • assist clients to move participants from FUNdamentals programs to club programs, increasing membership retention
  • assist clients to service member learning and development more effectively; lifting engagement, progression, retention and success
  • increase the likelihood members are accessing relevant resources fast; increasing productivity nationally at all levels
  • help clients service their valuable volunteer workforces with guidance and support and resources to make their jobs easier whilst also lifting quality nationally
  • clients can protect and monetise their intellectual property creating new content revenues through our amazing distribution platform

For more on assessing ROI, please contact our Business Development Team.

Contact our Business Development Team