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CrackerSports™ is a fun, fast and effective way to accelerate your performance and

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Connect, Share & Learn

Connect, Share & Learn more

Create your profile for free and connect with team mates, resources, registered coaches and officials.

CrackerGuide Performance Profile

CrackerGuide™ - Performance Profiling

Create a performance profile based on the CrackerGuide™ available for your sport, apply weightings to prioritise and focus your learning, and share your profile with friends and mentors.

Superior search results

Superior search results with CrackerGuide™

Find resources that matter to you most. Search using your CrackerGuide™ to match resources to skill gaps.

Share your resources

Share your resources

Coaches - use your locker to upload resources that you have created and share them only with your athletes.

Athletes - share resources that you have found with your friends