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Cracker is a system for accelerating learning and development and lifting coaching ROI.

Focus is the hidden driver of excellence.

Cracker's profiling application combines self, peer and mentor review. It enables users to focus development on what matters most and to be guided to targeted resources for knowledge and skills development.

The application is used to enliven the mentoring process and give an accurate picture of current performance and priorities to move forward. The application can be utilised to accelerate Coach, Umpire, Athlete, Officials and Club Development.

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Empower members to share and discuss with like minded people.

Resources exist everywhere, scattered across emails and cloud storage. Even a drawer of USBs is not uncommon. The challenge is getting useful resources in one space and sharing them to drive development. Our Locker application enables users to bring a resource from the web or upload their own, share with individuals or groups and discuss through the comment feature.

This tool unlocks a new avenue of communication between coaches and athletes, club administrators and staff, teachers and students. Upload and share any training resource, anytime, to make it available to anyone, on any device.

View the Locker application in action


Targeted resources accelerate member development and productivity.

The growth of content on the web is overwhelming and 80 percent of learning is self-directed... so there is huge benefit to members in providing a curated library of targeted resources specific to sport, member roles and stage of development.

Our library environment can handle all kinds of content and make it available 24/7, 365 days a year using any device: PC, tablet, phone

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Cracker delivers connected communities.

Staying connected is essential for sports development. Being able to connect, share, review with teams, peers, coaches and administrators drives self-development and performance. To aid this we deliver private communities enabling coaches, officials, club administrators and teams to share and collaborate in a secure member only environment.

On top of this, CrackerSports encourages high achievers to continue to learn from the best by allowing individuals to 'follow' leaders in their sport.

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Cracker enables one to many, few to few and many to many communications and collaboration.

Working with us, clients can rapidly switch on a new service - without needing to take on risky, high cost, digital innovation projects.

Our platform is a 'plug-in' solution to benefit our clients' members immediately. The product is ready to go, we configure it for the client and switch it on. We can allow clients' members to connect, share and collaborate instantly.

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Find out how your team can benefit from a CrackerSports solution.